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  • I purchased a Baby on Board magnet from Baby on Magnets Club for my new minivan and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my purchase. The magnet is incredibly strong and doesn’t peel off or fade even in harsh weather conditions. Its vibrant color and clear design makes it easily noticeable, ensuring additional safety for my little one. This is such an essential item for all parents out there!
    ~Sarah B. Holmes~
  • I’ve been using the Baby on Board magnet from Baby on Magnets Club since we brought our newborn home, and it has given me so much peace of mind while driving! It’s beautifully designed and highly visible which catches everyone’s attention right away. What’s more? It leaves no residue when removed or repositioned – a definite bonus.
  • The Baby on Board magnets from the Baby on Magnets Club are eye-catching, durable and easy to use. I love how they enhance safety by alerting other drivers to be cautious around us. Plus, it’s super easy to apply & remove without damaging the car paint at all – a product that combines aesthetics, practicality, and safety so well is truly remarkable.
  • I bought a ‘Baby on Board’ magnet from Baby on Magnets Club for my new SUV, and I’m extremely happy with the quality! The magnet is not only sturdy but also has vibrant colors that stand out, making it easily noticeable. It’s more than a safety statement; it adds charm to my vehicle. Highly recommend this product to all the new parents out there.
    ~Lauren H~
  • We were gifted a Baby on Magnets Club ‘Baby on Board’ magnet at our baby shower, and we absolutely adore it! It’s easy to place and remove without leaving any marks behind which is perfect for us. This little magnet gives us peace of mind while traveling as it alerts other drivers to be cautious. A must-have for families with young children.
    ~John. S~
  • Baby on Magnets Club’s ‘Baby on Board’ magnet is an essential for any parent-on-the-go. Its visibility is excellent, ensuring that everyone knows there’s precious cargo aboard. Despite several car washes and weather changes, the magnet stays put and looks just as good as day one! Excellent durability and value-for-money!
  • Absolutely love our Baby on Board magnet from Baby on Magnets Club. Not only does it alert others that we have a precious little one in the car, but it’s also incredibly easy to attach and remove. It even stayed put despite all the highway driving we do. Highly recommended for parents who prioritize safety.
  • I cannot express how happy I am with my purchase from Baby on Magnets Club! The Baby on Board magnet adds an extra layer of caution for other drivers and gives me peace of mind during drives. Plus, its high-quality material means it’s built to last - no peeling or fading even after several car washes.
  • The Baby on Board magnet from Baby on Magnets Club is a must-have for any family vehicle! In addition to serving as a safety alert, its colorful and playful design adds a cute touch to our car—making it visible and stylish. It sticks perfectly without damaging the paintwork too. An excellent product at a great price.